Good times, great food.

“Drop into A Taste Of The World for good times and great food. The restaurant isa neighborhood favorite, and offers a casual, friendly dining atmospherethat you and your friends are sure to enjoy. A Taste Of The World also featuresa friendly, professional staff of great people, who will make sure you enjoyyour visit and that A Taste Of The World lives up to its reputation for pleasantdining and superb cuisine. The menu offers an inspired array of selectionsthat is sure to satisfy everyone in your group, every time. Be sure to askyour server about new selections, daily specials, and special chef'screations. Whether you're in the mood for casual dining or a specialoccasion, A Taste Of The World is sure to please.”



Lovely family owned restaurant.

“Lovely, family owned and family friendly restaurant. Food is quite surprisingly good and broadly appealing. Service was beyond all expectations. Do yourself a favor and try the kale appetizer. All of us were amazed by it. It melts in your mouth like salty zingy cotton candy. We ordered 7 different dishes between us and enjoyed every one.”

John B, Google reviews


Discovered a gem!

“I am so happy we discovered this gem as I've been searching the area for a restaurant that offered great Filipino entrees. A Taste of the World has hands-down the best lumpia Shanghai in Northern Virginia. For my entree, I ordered Kare Kare, which was freshly prepared and absolutely delicious. Our server, Liza, couldn't have been more hospitable and attentive - as was the entire staff. For dessert, we ordered the Turon, that tasted just as I remember my Lola making it. For an unbiased review, my date hadn't had authentic Filipino food before and even he liked it. I can't wait to visit again soon as it appears I've finally found my Filipino food spot in Herndon! They also offer an array of different selections, and on my next visit I look forward to trying the jerk chicken. Thanks Liza and team for a great first impression!”

RYAN D, Yelp REviews



Wonderful family restaurant.

"I cannot speak highly enough of this restaurant. It's run by a wonderful family that takes great pride in their food and service. The recipes are all from family/friends, including all their homemade sauces. The flavors in every dish are unique, warm, and delicious (though I will say nothing on the menu is hot spicy). The food alone is enough to make me want to come back, but what absolutely sold me away was the hospitality and sense of home. We learned about the history of the restaurant and the family throughout the meal, and the chef came out at the end of our meal to greet us. It was so personal and wonderful. I will absolutely be coming here in the future, and this is now my favorite restaurant in the area.”

Eliza C, Google REviews


Best Filipino cuisine.

“Best Filipino cuisine around. Make sure to visit and you'll never regret it. Management and staff are outstanding.”

Jett D, Google Reviews


Worth the drive!

“THIS. This is in a seriously random spot waaaaay out in the middle of an industrial park in Herndon. If you didn't follow foodie blogs or have a strange sense of epicurean adventure when finding new restaurants, you'd easily miss it.

We started with with the kale anaar chat ($6.00). I've had chaat before, but this was beyond wow - crispy, sweet kale with a tamarind sauce and Indian spices. We almost got into a fight over who was going to lick the plate.

Next up was a Lamb Rogan Josh ($16.00), which was expertly prepared and presented, and Crispy Pork Binagoongan ($16.00), a Philippine dish of pork belly and shrimp paste that.....OMG it's one of those life-changing dishes that you can't believe works until you feel the flavors meld together on your tongue with the most velvety, euphoric umami-esque sensation... I can't even begin to explain it!

The owners were AMAZING with their suggestions; we felt that we were in good hands, and the entire experience was more "come sit at my kitchen table" than "table for two?" ... I can't wait to go back and eat ALL THE THINGS, because their approach to food - from honoring many culinary traditions to creating artistry in entree form - is worth the drive.”

Tammy R, Yelp reviews